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AJ Forsythe

Founder & CEO, iCracked

AJ founded iCracked, the world’s largest on-demand repair service for iOS and Samsung devices, from his student dorms in 2010. After getting tired of taking his iPhone to the Apple Store and paying for the fix every time the screen cracked, he learnt how to fix the screen himself. After teaching his university friends to do the same, AJ realised the business potential of his idea. Today, the company’s trained and experienced crew of iTechs go direct to consumers at work, home, or at their local coffee shop to fix their phone at the click of a button through its app. After its phenomenal success in the US (starting as a college campus venture and now based in the heart of Silicon Valley), iCracked launched in London at the end of last year to revolutionise the mobile phone repair service in the UK. Worldwide, it has an extended team of 3,000+ self-employed professionals in 300+ cities.