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10 most valued Internet of Things startups from around the world

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Internet of Things is heating up. Here are the 10 most valued startups in that space. So far 8 are based in California, but how long will that last?

You know that mobile internet access is becoming more ubiquitous, but do you know that due to that Internet of Things startups are starting to play a more important role within the tech ecosystem. Many expect that these startups will see serious growth in 2015. So to start off the year here are the top 10 most valued Internet of Things startups so far.

It’s probably interesting to note that 8 of these startups are based in California – perhaps a cradle for the Internet of Things revolution? The only company to be valued at more than $1bn is Jasper, an early entrant into the market, founded in 2004, which has managed to raise more than $200m and today powers the technology that connects millions of devices around the world.

At a distant second is Peel, also based in California, which is valued at $350m, but is still young as it was only founded in 2009. They’re focused on providing seamless control between you and your television and already have more than 90 million users in 200 countries.

A particular standout among Internet of Things startups is If This Then That (aka IFTTT) which is valued at $170m. This startups focuses on building the ability for their users to connect various devices. Any user can create an account and connect any 2 devices in such a way that when a particular action is performed on one device, an action is automatically triggered on the second through IFTTT. So far they have attracted notable investors like Andreessen Horowitz among many more.

The two most valued Internet of Things startups based outside the United States are BLiNQ Networks and Eseye headquartered in Canada and the United Kingdom, respectively. Both of these companies are focused on addressing the infrastructure and connectivity needs for the Internet of Things space.

The race is heating up. So far 8 of the top 10 Internet of Things startups are based in the United States and only Jasper is valued at more than $1bn. We fully expect the landscape to change by this time next year.