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Tech companies received $40bn in funding in 2014. Who got the money?

Is the tech bubble about to burst? Again. That question was on the lips of many tech industry onlookers as the flow of capital pouring into tech businesses was unceasing throughout 2014. In partnership with PitchBook, we present you with the top 50 venture capital deals of 2014 in tech. As the infographic shows, the amount of capital invested in tech companies was up 93% on the previous year and tech investments made up 44% of all venture capital deals across the year.

The total amount invested over the year was up at around $40 billion and Q4 saw the most capital deployed, with 797 venture capital deals amounting to $11.8 billion of investment. That was in fact the lowest number of venture capital deals per quarter although it did include the $1.8 billion poured into Uber in December.

Rather astoundingly, it is Uber that occupies the first two spots in terms of largest single investment rounds. However, it is smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, that received the highest valued venture capital deal of the year. It’s $1 billion round valued the company at a smooth $43.9 billion.

Aside from Uber, Indian ecommerce giant, Flipkart, also feature twice in the top ten venture capital deals of the year, as they raised $1 billion and $700 million in two separate deals.

Another stand out deal is the $520 million raised by Airbnb, comprising the 10th biggest investment of the year. It was also the 4th highest deal in terms of valuation, which saw the company surpass the $10 billion valuation mark having formed in 2007.

In terms of sector, there were a number of venture capital deals focused on enterprise software businesses. Cloudera, Pure Storage, Qualtrics, Box and Nutanix all feature in the top 30 with Cloudera breaking the top five deals following their $900 million series F round in March.

Notably, the only European deal to make the list was the $350 million series G round raised by German food ordering service, Delivery Hero.