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Podcast: Emerging Best Practices within Hybrid Working

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What are hybrid working best practices and what affects the quality of team management in a remote context?

Listen to Miya Knights, Author and Technology Journalist as she moderates ‘Emerging Best Practices within Hybrid Working’. 

The speakers of this roundtable podcast debate include:

  • Richard Newsome, CTO, Cancer Research UK
  • Alex Bazin, CTO, Lewis Silkin LLP 
  • Harry Moseley, Group CIO, Zoom Technologies

Trending working practices 

Moderator Miya Knights posed the question: Have you seen any working practices emerge from a more trends perspective but within your own organization?

“The biggest trend I’ve seen in the last 21 months is you have to create an environment of complete trust”, said Group CIO at Zoom Technologies, Harry Moseley. He emphasized that if a leader cannot trust their team, the structure will “collapse”. 

Adapting to a new way of working

How are you preparing and listening to your teams as you seek to transition to this new way of working?

CTO at Lewis Silkin, Alex Bazin, argues that technology has become more advanced these days. “You still need to give people guidance, you just can’t expect people to walk into a meeting room, hit a button to connect to a meeting and then be able to run a hybrid meeting”, he said. Alex pointed out that after the lockdown people adapted very quickly to working from home. He argues that, now, we can be more intentional in the way we use the technologies.

Success stories within organizations 

Working closely with technology suppliers like Microsoft has helped navigate leadership according to Cancer Research UK’s CTO, Richard Newsome. Additionally, making use of space in the office is another method of collaboration Richard has used. “We happen to share a building with a number of other tenants here”, he said. Richard has engaged in conversations with those occupants to try and effectively use the office space they have at hand.

This podcast was recorded at The Studio.