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  • Beyond the Trends Series: Analyzing 5G, Adaptability and Automation

    Series Summary


    Dive into detailed discussions on key technology and business topics, and learn from world-leading CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and data executives, from The Studio @ Home.

    Trend debates are a vital medium for efficiently assessing the state of the industry. They allow us to observe the technologies and main actors present in the business ecosystem, which then allows us to extrapolate these observations into accurate predictions. Some topics, however, require deeper analysis, especially if they offer new and interesting guidance, controversial discussion or are complex enough to require disentangling for the benefit of all.

    This series summary falls into the latter camp and its three roundtables—Security, Automation and the CISO; What is the Industrial 5G Revolution?; and How to Build an Adaptive Business—all go some way into analyzing their titles. 



    What is the Industrial 5G Revolution? plainly asks how the manufacturing and industrial sectors are already using 5G to benefit their business. Not just required listening for those sectors—a range of CIOs debate the topic—it cuts through the noise of this revolutionary technology. 



    And How to Build an Adaptive Business almost requires no introduction. The most successful organizations and teams have one thing in common: adaptability. Watch the debate to see answers to: What qualities does every adaptive business share? Is adaptability more a cultural mindset or a technological sprint? And how can AI, machine learning and RPA help?



    In Security, Automation and the CISO, the roundtable dives deeper into the trends within the security function to ask what benefits automation techniques can have on both the tools and the culture of the security team. How should security teams implement these effectively to maximize business value and what critical things should the C-Suite understand about the CISO’s needs today?

    Featured within these discussions are CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and data executives from the following businesses found the world over: Verizon; Future Generali India Life Insurance; Tata Steel; Sainsbury’s; Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer; HSBC; Wellcome Trust and many more.

    These roundtables are in partnership with Verizon.