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  • Future of Business Series: Talent, Innovation and Security in 2021

    Series Summary


    Six roundtables featuring global technology leaders each unpick a vital element of the future of business. Watch to learn how they plan on overcoming their biggest challenges yet.

    As many leaders now comprehend, the future of business has been planted, as a debate, if not a reality, firmly in the present, thanks to the upending nature of a pandemic. Faced with disruption at best, extinction at worst, businesses are re-prioritizing their budgets, focus and time, in order to adapt. What does that mean for the technology leader and their teams?

    The following roundtables, Pursuing Talent in a Global Workforce, Why Collaboration is Transformation, Activating the Future of Work, Defining the Future of Work, Security is Everyone’s Responsibility and Innovation at the Speed of Now, all touch upon different—but equally important—elements of the challenges present when we, as an industry, confront the future of work. 

    Watch and learn as CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and data executives from global businesses such as: Cisco; Johnson Matthey; Imperial College; CityJet; Schneider Electric: Natural History Museum; Times Higher Education; Macmillan Cancer Support; Motor Oil; ChristianaCare; Royal Mail; and Wellcome Trust, debate their experiences and most successful strategies.

    These roundtables are in partnership with Cisco.