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Podcast: Mental Wellbeing and the Hybrid Workplace

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Even before the pandemic, business leaders were factoring mental health into their board meetings and company strategies—what has happened during the shift to working from home?

Osama Gaweesh, Journalist and Moderator, HotTopics.ht, moderates a roundtable with Louise Bunting, Global CIO, Yondr Group; Avril Chester, Chief Technology Officer, RIBA; Simon Lamkin, CTO, Fleetondemand; Philippa Rickard, Director of Delivery; Covea Insurance; Edosa Odaro, AI and Transformation; Theory+Practice, on the strategies they’re employing to counter the looming mental health crisis.

How large an impact has the last year had on you and your teams? How has that changed your approach to mental health in a professional context? In a hybrid working world, does the responsibility of mental health shift at all? And, finally, has the pandemic taken us back several years or has it actually shocked us into action regarding mental health?