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CMO Roundtable: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Chief Marketing Officers and their senior sales counterparts have to be able to work seamlessly together to help move a business forward. How can you build that alignment?

As digital technologies, experiences, customer demands and business transformations have redefined the B2B world over the last decade, marketing leaders have had to adapt time and time again—and attempt to bring along their sales counterparts along each time. It has sometimes been seamless, sometimes a challenge, but the wider business feels the benefit when both marketing and sales are on the same page, with their strategies as well as their success metrics. So, how can CMOs play their part in this vital relationship and align their mutual interests?

Marion Gamel, a serial CMO, moderates this vital debate at The Studio. The speakers of this roundtable debate include:

  • Scott Allen, Global Marketing Strategy Director for Microsoft
  • Stafford Trinidade, Director – Demand Generation for Voxbone
  • Jon Moger, Senior Director EMEA Marketing, Aruba Networks
  • Steven Goddard, Go-To-Mark Lead, Dell Technologies