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Security at the Technology Summit

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The role of the CISO has had to evolve in line with our world’s widening threat landscape. How?

It hasn’t been an easy journey: as scams, attacks, ransomware attempts and breaches showcase ever more sophisticated strategies, it has been up to the security team and its leader to react and respond as well as predict and protect. It is a constant balance of securing their business’ present and its future. 

Bringing together security leaders from all over the world, therefore, can make for vital collaboration; CISOs have also upped the ante. They have invested in new technologies, and, where appropriate, have had active conversations with the CIO to integrate security design thinking into IT teams. They are listened to by forward-thinking CEOs and, where most successful, have turned into present, available members of the organization who are helping their teams protect themselves in turn. The horizon welcomes a new challenge, however, and 2021 and beyond asks new questions. The following roundtables featured at The Studio @ Home: Technology Summit, begins the task of answering them.


Security, Automation and the CISO 

How is automation reconfiguring detection and response practices, and what critical things should the C-Suite understand about the CISO’s needs today? 

Watch this roundtable discussion featuring Sukhvinder Paul, Head of EMEA Security, Verizon; Mansi Thapar, CISO, Jaquar Group; Pawan Chawla, CISO, Future Generali India Life Insurance; Vukosi Sambo, Head of Data Solutions, Medscheme Holdings, to understand the lessons they have learned after 12 months of industry-wide ‘crisis’ mode. In partnership with Verizon.

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Security Building Blocks for 2021 


What foundational things does a CISO or equivalent need in order to do their job in 2021?


In a highly changeable industry, CISOs’ approach to leadership, technologies and partners, requires a more nuanced tact, and speakers Petko Petkov, Director of Security, Onfido; Juan Villamil, CIO, Imperial College London; Mudassar Ulhaq, CIO, Waverton Investment Management, will discuss this in greater detail. In partnership with Onfido.

security building blocks for 2021


Security is Everyone’s Responsibility 

How can CISOs embed a culture of security across their organization and what does senior leadership want from their CISOs, what are CISOs demanding and is there a disconnect? 

To understand the wider context of the security team and their initiatives, watch Anahi Santiago, CISO, ChristianaCare; Mel Reyes, experienced CISO and CIO; Clare Ward, Digital Strategy and Transformation; Elena Corchero, Founder and Emerging Technologies Evangelist, share their stories. In partnership with Cisco.

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Digital Identities in a Remote Workforce

How can technology and security leaders protect against increasing fraud activity, and what are the threats to digital identities as we enter a hybrid working model? 

Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer, Onfido; Freddie Quek, CTO, Times Higher Education; Les McCollum, Managing Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, ICMA-RC; Clare Ward, Digital Strategy and Transformation; Hernando Celada, CIO, ChenMed, all discuss the inner workings of a hyper-changeable space to understand the balance between user experience and privacy in a data-driven world? In partnership with Onfido.

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To watch these technology leaders in discussion, register for the The Studio @ Home: Technology Summit now: TheStudio.ht/Summit