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Marketing roundtable: 5 heavyweight CMOs discuss the future of their function

Marketing executives with a wealth of experience at top, global brands reveal how their experiences have taught them the best strategies to succeed as a modern marketer.

Peter Thomas, European Marketing Director, Accenture, leads Episode 11 of HotTopics.ht’s Unicorn CMO Roundtable series. In Part 1 of Episode 11, Peter asks the assembled marketing chiefs how they see the relationship between marketing and sales functions continuing to evolve, with some surprising insights.

Joining Peter on the Roundtable is: Jack Dyson, Global Head of Content Strategy, SAP Customer Experience; Nikki De Kretser, Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Cirrus Response at the time of filming, now Chief Marketing Officer at Feefo; Lucio Furlani, former Chief Marketing Officer EMEA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and now Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Crescendo; and Antonia Wade, Chief Marketing Officer, Capita.