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Why it’s time mental health initiatives adopt physical health’s positive narratives

Walking into sports retail stores, Geoff McDonald is confronted with more body positive and healthy images than ever before. The mental health support industry should take note.

Geoff McDonald now seem himself living a “life of purpose” as the ex-Unilver global HR lead works towards normalizing mental wellbeing conversations in the workplace.

He is a co-founder of the network [email protected] and an advisory board member for Mad World, Europe’s only event that puts mental health at the heart of the business, where he will be one of many keynote speakers discussing the business value of sustainable mental wellbeing for organizations.

In this final interview as part of the lead up to the event, McDonald considers the strides the mental health movement has made in the last five years, as well as the steps society should take to further promote this topic.

Click on the link, above, to find out more about the event.