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How Adam Spreadbury created a mental wellbeing network at the Bank of England

Businesses have a responsibility to support employees' mental health - and the Bank of England now does, thanks to Adam Spreadbury.

Adam Spreadbury works for the Bank of England within its quality assurance team, and also co-founded the Bank’s Mental Health Network, acting as co-chairing for five years. He is now a steering group member for the ‘This is me – in the City’ campaign, run by the The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

In this interview, he explains how his own experience with depression and the positive response he encountered within the Bank of England encouraged him to set up the Network.

Spreadbury is also an advisory board member for Mad World, Europe’s only event that puts mental health at the heart of the business, where he will be one of many keynote speakers discussing the business value of sustainable mental wellbeing for organizations.

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