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Creative Innovation, Episode 4, full interview: Dawn Hudson, NFL, CMO

Dawn Hudson, NFL's CMO, aims to keep the brand relevant within its current fanbase, whilst broadening appeal internationally. Here's how.

Dawn Hudson became CMO of the NFL in 2014, a role vastly different from anything she had done before, having spent a number of years with PepsiCo.

“There’s a certain passion around sports that connects to people more fervently than consumer-packaged-goods brands do,” said Hudson in an interview with Fortune. Rebuilding the NFL’s image has been Hudson’s priority. She took the reins during a tumultuous time that saw immense criticisms due to domestic violence, brain injuries, and ‘Deflategate’.

We spoke to her as part of the Creative Innovation series, run in partnership with Cannes Lions, to get to the bottom of how she has progressed in the role.