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The Growth Paradox Diaries, Episode 3: Chris Clark, HSBC

The secret to growth is learning to be the autopilot brand in your category. So says, the former Head of Marketing at HSBC, Chris Clark.

Simply becoming the category autopilot brand of choice is no easy endeavor. But that said, there are steps you can take toward garnering brand loyalty to make this process considerably more likely to occur. Take HSBC’s First Direct, for example, the beloved brand consistently tops the chart in areas like its customer service. What this comes down to, says former Group Head of Marketing at HSBC, Chris Clark, is handing the ability to its staff to differentiate by adding a touch of humanity to every transaction.

This conversation, led by Hot Topics Contributing Editor Andy Brent, is the third episode of our Growth Paradox Diaries series, focused on understanding the true drivers and obstacles to company growth.