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Mango Communications Director on personalizing its digital marketing strategy

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Ashim D’Silva

Guillermo Corominas, Communications Director at Mango, discusses personalizing the user experience and staying ahead of the competition.

As an established global juggernaut in the fashion world, Mango has become one of the most innovative brands at the forefront of utilizing opportunities within technology and digital marketing.

Guillermo Corominas, the Communications Director at Mango, sits with Hot Topics to undertake a Q&A on Mango’s digital marketing strategy, delivering a personalized shopping experience and what the future holds for Mango in 2017.

Hot Topics (HT): Which digital marketing trend are you most excited by as we move into 2017?

Guillermo Corominas (GC): There is no doubt that 2017 is a challenging year full of options and opportunities within digital marketing. We are currently working on different projects aimed at creating customer value in this area, from personalizing the user experience in order to offer the best brand experience to digitizing the multi-channel experience.

HT: What was your biggest lesson from 2016?

GC: Fulfilling customers’ needs are part of Mango’s DNA. 2016 proved that a customer focus is crucial in the current scenario. Customers needs are constantly changing: consumer expectations are totally different in a physical store than in the online channel, therefore adapting to make sure we provide a “seamless” experience in both channels is the only route to success for a “click-and-mortar” player like Mango.


HT: How do you think an online personalized shopping experience can compete with offline shopping experiences?

GC: Online and offline do not compete at all, they complement each other fairly well and we keep working on integrating them to generate value for our customers.

HT: Where, as an industry, are we with personalization and where do you see it going?

GC: There are improvements every day. The software is getting better, more real-time, and more omnichannel. Personalization will increase its growth in the next couple of years thanks to technology – Big Data, real-time interactions (…). Increasingly, consumers are not only demanding but expecting this personalisation, and players who are not able to provide it will become irrelevant.

HT: What type of data do you use when creating a personalized shopping experience online for customers?

GC: What really matters is not the amount of data you hold but how you use the data to generate value for our customers.

HT: Will the product itself (i.e. garments) become increasingly personalized?

GC: There are opportunities all around and nothing should be excluded. Products will definitely become increasingly personalized and we need to adapt our supply chain to make ourselves flexible to provide these personalized products that add to the overall personalized shopping experience.

Luxury brands started this “trend”, but now mass players are increasingly offering these services in stores. We will keep working on excellence in customer satisfaction.

HT: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing digital marketers in 2017?

GC: Everything is changing quickly, so our challenge is to make the best choices to improve our customer desires, learn from it and evolve continuously.