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HCL CMO: B2B marketing is a team sport

HCL Technologies provides the world with industry defining IT solutions. CMO Matt Preschern lets us in on how marketing for the tech giant is carried out on a global scale.

Indian multinational IT services company HCL Technologies provides companies and organizations with a considerable range of technology solutions, including enterprise application services, IT infrastructure management, custom application engineering, and R&D. As of June this year, the company and its subsidiaries turned a consolidated revenue of $6.4 billion.

As CMO for HCL, Matt Preschern employs over 20 years of experience – which includes senior roles at IBM and UPS – to lead the company’s global B2B marketing organization. In his video interview as the next part of Hot Topics’ B2B marketing series, Matt shares his views on the ever-expanding role of the CMO, and how effective marketing today comes from treating the discipline as a key member of a wider team.

“My personal view, and what I remind [my] team, is that B2B marketing today is a team sport. We as marketeers need to track our marketing metrics; we need to understand how many attendees we have at an event, what are the open and click through rates, etc etc. From a business perspective, that’s borderline irrelevant. What sales people care about is how many truly qualified leads can you provide, can you help me progress them, and are you having a direct impact on the pipeline?”

“How do you do that? It’s very important that we position ourselves as marketeers to add value, [and that we are] doing things that a traditional sales person might not have thought about.”