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Innovatemedtec MD: building Health Tech’s professional network

Innovatemedtec connects the world's leading professionals in digital health care. MD Cristina De Juan explains how it plans to help shape the future of the industry.

Health 2.0 promotes and showcases leading new technologies in Health Tech through a worldwide series of conferences, code-a-thons, prize challenges, and more. The San Francisco headquartered company also creates leading market intelligence on new Health Tech companies.

Christina De Juan, PhD, is leader of Health 2.0 London, as well as Managing Director of the company’s latest venture, Innovatemedtec; a professional network that aims to play a significant role in connecting healthcare and technology experts. The self-styled ‘LinkedIn for digital health’ enables digital health professionals to; connect with fellow Health Tech innovators around the world; share articles, blogs and other content; follow and join digital Health Tech events; and source products, services, and other resources, such as funding, consultants, and non-executive directors.

As she notes in her interview, “The main [benefit for Health Tech pros] is to communicate with the rest of the world around innovation. A large percentage of our members are from the US, but we have a growing list of emerging countries, creating global reach for the community.”

“We’re hoping to be able to generate more SMEs, with more experts from other fields coming into health care and into health tech.”

De Juan also calls for development in an area that has become all too common across all areas of tech; having more women entrepreneurs. “There is still a very specific profile of SMEs [within the Health Tech industry], so I am really liking the fact that young people and particularly women are getting into the space, because they are the drivers.”

In her conversation with Hot Topics, De Juan outlines her plans for the network, how Health 2.0 has grown to over 100 locations around the globe, and her broader hopes for the industry in attracting talent from outside the health tech sector in the next five years and beyond.