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The 100 leaders innovating the gambling industry

100 leaders innovating gambling 100 leaders innovating gambling
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Thomas Hawk 

The digitization of gambling industries is down to a select group of leaders, who have utilized new technology to leverage much needed innovation in the industry.


The digital transformation of the online gambling industry is finally beginning to cash in.

As market after market fell under the spell of technological innovation, the gambling sector remained loyal to its old models – that was, until, key players in the industry sat up and recognized the incredible opportunity this industry presented.

The online gambling sector has been tripling in size over the past decade and trends suggest that the market will be worth $41.4 billion by the end of the year.

This new breed of gambling leaders are shedding the legacy of archaic, bricks and mortar gamers and utilizing tech innovation methods to innovate how users interact with games.

One such method is the advent of the smartphone.

By the end of 2018, the value of bets placed via mobile devices is expected to reach $100 billion, with over 164 million people using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access their bets.

This shows a massive surge of user generation, and its foundations lie in several locations.

The product is constantly being improved, setting a blueprint for the industry as a whole to follow.

Digital and data based advancements are providing more detailed user information and productivity margins which are improving consumer relationships and strategic roadmaps.

User experience, multi-medium operational systems and continuous hardware and software updates are all steps being taken to transform gambling forever.

These 100 leaders innovating gambling are at the forefront of this pivot.

They recognized that the gambling industry had been lacking in the types of innovation that have influenced other, similar sized, markets and acted.

It’s a truly global operation: these 100 leaders innovating gambling are based in Australia to Austria, Ireland to Israel, UK to Canada.

Despite their regional differences, this list features men and women who all share certain qualities that have set them apart in this sector; they include:


  1. Product leaders: providing new innovation in new betting or gaming products that appeal to both core and new customers by offering differentiated and entertaining devices.
  2. Solution experts: utilizing big and smart data technologies that will improve transactional and data feeds as well as improving insights into their sector.
  3. Medium innovators: harnessing the powers of mobile, digital and land-based assets to deliver on consumer experience and service.
  4. Technology enablers: leading firms that are investing in, or offering, break-through technology solutions in their areas of business; whether that be social media, segmentation, intelligence or consumer loyalty.


Which is why these 100 leaders innovating gaming need recognition.

They have the exciting task of revolutionizing an industry that has undergone one of the most rapid transformations.

To discover who the 100 leaders innovating gambling are, view the infographic above.