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Two hugely disruptive tech businesses collectively raised nearly half a bn in venture capital. Here were the biggest startup investments in September.


Every month at StrategyEye we analyze the top venture capital deals. Here’s the result of our analysis in an infographic of the 50 top startup investments in September.

With $3.6b spent across the top 50 deals, VC activity once again is thriving. The huge figure comes down to the increased proliferation of mega-financing deals (funding rounds over $100m) of which there were 10 in September.

Coming first amongst the 50 top startup investments in September is automated bill payment platform avidxchange.

The $225m investment led by Bain Capital Ventures signals a striking trend that’s gained prominence as of late. Namely that digital currency will eventually make its physical counterpart redundant.

In the UK this has already started to happen. The Payments Council announced in May 2015 that the number of non-cash payments exceeded those made with digital currency.

Denmark are in on the trend too. In early 2015 its government made the announcement that it had planned to allow retailers, restaurants and retailers to stop taking physical currency altogether. The idea is to choke off all untaxed and underground activity altogether.

Raising just as much as avidxchange in the 50 top startup investments in September, is India’s answer to Uber, Ola. It’s $225m (14.8bn Rupees) round of funding will add to the $400m it raised earlier this year in a round led by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s, DST Global.

Ola has said that it clocks more than 750,000 rides a day compared to Uber’s 200,000 trips a day in India, and it hopes this number will reach 1 million.

Continuing the transportation trend, raising the third most out of the top 50 startup investments in September is BlablaCar. At $200m, the mega round should value the French startup at a post-money valuation of $1.2bn.

For the rest of the 50 top startup investments in September, see the above infographic.