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The 100 most influential women in tech

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Sam Javanrouh

Whilst the tech industry cries out for increased diversity, there are a number of women carrying out some of the most influential roles around the world. Here are the top 100.


Leading females shaping tech innovation

An industry that fosters diversity is one that will survive.

An open mind towards different viewpoints, perspectives and experiences enhances our recognition and appreciation of new ideas, solutions and pathways; the beginnings of innovation lie in an inclusive and collaborative mentality.

Which is where tech should lie.

It’s a pretty indisputable fact that tech encompasses the most innovative industries in the world. That’s because it never rests, or, more to the point, its leaders are never satisfied with the state of the present.

Over the past decade tech has had an increasing impact on the world. The drive, ambition, focus and vision of its leaders, are the qualities that has kept innovation rolling at a seemingly invincible pace.

A criticism of the industry, however, is its continued bias towards men and a perceived lack of diversity that exists from grassroots to board level.

The stats are there to support the argument.

In the US, still the major tech hub of the world, 6.5 million are employed within the tech industry but 85% of those workers are male.

If we focus on a particular segment of the industry, that of venture capital, only 4% of senior venture capitalist roles are filled by women.

Those aren’t sustainable figures and the 4 qualities mentioned earlier will only continue to drive innovation if used in conjunction with diversity.

Despite these rather alarming figures, some of the technology industry’s most influential roles are held by women.

This list of the leading females shaping tech innovation is a way to identify and showcase 100 women in tech who are disrupting the male dominance of the industry and flying the flag for diversity in the process.

This is key to promoting awareness of women in tech, to increase diversity and crate access to female role models.

These leaders herald from all over the tech spectrum: entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors and policy makers.


Specifically, the leading females shaping tech innovation all share the attributes and met the list criteria, which include:

  • A leader in her sector directly contributing to the growth and strategic direction of their organization.
  • A national or international role model who encourages a new generation of women in tech.
  • Has continued to drive innovation generally to inspire the wider community and cement their business or self as a market leader.

It is near impossible to order a selection of people who, despite operating within the same industry, occupy extremely varied roles, so the leading females shaping tech innovation are listed in alphabetical order.

View the infographic above to see the list in more detail.