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The 100 most influential fintech leaders

most influential fintech leaders most influential fintech leaders
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The great and the good: Hot Topics introduces the 100 most influential people in fintech.


Welcome to the list of the 100 most influential fintech leaders.

It’s been around 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee created what become known as the World Wide Web, but it’s only recently that we’ve truly started to realize the internet’s potential as a platform for commerce.

Since the New York Times credited Netmarket with processing the first secure online transaction in 1994, the path was carved for giants like Ebay and Amazon to open the following year.

While these new companies were wildly successful, the global adoption of online shopping has not been immediate; approximately 2% of consumer spending happens online in the present day.

Now though, that number is set to rise exponentially with the increasing uptake of smart devices, global internet distribution and a rapidly increasing number of ecommerce platforms.

More transactions taking place online mean more opportunities to help consumers manage their money in digital form: enter the fintech platforms.

As well as assisting with ecommerce, the floor is wide open for fintech applications to become global leaders in a sector that was previously dominated by high street banks and services.

Whether it be securing mortgages, getting a loan, transferring money abroad, spending money in an ecommerce store, or one of a thousand other applications, the marketplace is fiercely competitive and growing all the time.

This list of the 100 most influential fintech leaders highlights some of the finest startups and businesses that have been forged in the crucible of the fintech explosion.

The leaders have had to meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Set up a ground-breaking fintech startup that has set the precedent for the rest of the industry
  • Utilized tech to make a significant contribution to the financial space
  • Been a driving force in the evolution of finance
  • Invested in technology that is changing the way individuals and businesses manage their finances.