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Emmanuel Schalit

Chief Executive Officer, Dashlane

Emmanuel Schalit is the CEO of Dashlane, a password manager and online protection app that makes controlling digital identity simple—so life online is easier, safer, and more accessible.

At Dashlane, Schalit oversees a global team of more than 200 in New York, Paris, and Lisbon, dedicated to solving the digital identity crisis by giving people greater control over how they store and share data and transact online.

Schalit has more than 20 years of experience across the technology, cybersecurity, and media industries. As the CEO of CBS Outdoor in France, he introduced technology-centric solutions to the company’s portfolio, opening the door to new content opportunities. Schalit was also the Founder and CEO of Flipside.com, a leader in online games, and held multiple executive positions at Vivendi Universal Games (today Activision Blizzard).

For more information on Emmanuel, visit emmanuelschalit.com. To learn more about Dashlane and the challenges of managing digital identity, visit dashlane.com.