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Discover the Global CISO 100 2022 Now

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The Global CISO 100 2022 brings together 100 phenomenal security leaders from all over the world, as voted by our global audience.

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    HotTopics.ht and Menlo Security are delighted to announce the Global CISO 100 2022.

    Security leaders are the vanguards working to protect their organizations and its teams, data and resources. This pivotal position is central to the trust that customers and the wider industry place on businesses, impacting its growth trajectories. This role has come under greater scrutiny given the rapid digitalization of firms within the pandemic, and, more recently, the experimentation of hybrid working strategies that will come to shape the working world in 2022.

    HotTopics.ht was the first to showcase global security leadership in a top 100 list, back when the CISO role first gained its executive position. So, although this is an annual search, the remarkable changes to our industry also mean the challenges these leaders face evolve beyond recognition from year to year. Leaders across the technology function are working closer and closer together to create seamless strategies that protect and propel firms. And whilst CIOs become the face of innovation and a vital partner to growth, and digital and data leaders emerge with control of the currency on which decisions are made, the CISOs role has become increasingly strategic, propactive, and, most importantly, business-centric.

    They must consciously protect the business from attacks, preempt threats and curate  a culture of protection within its teams. Ensuring the business has this culture increases the resilience of the business as the industry fights against a worryingly complex cybersecurity situation.

    Thank you to the official CISO 100 2022 Judges for your time and expertise in finalizing this phenomenal list, using the criteria, below:

    CISO 100 2022 Judges

    • ​​Alejandro Becerra, Group Information Security Director, Telefonica
    • Celia Mantishanye, CISO, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa
    • Diego Souza, Global CISO, Cummins
    • Deborah Haworth, CISO, Penguin RandomHouse
    • Ewa Pilat, CISO, Willis Towers Watson
    • Chuks Ojeme, Global CISO and Chief Compliance Officer, Brenntag
    • Thelma Kganakga, Group CISO, Equity Group Holdings


    • Building a company-wide security strategy that mitigates risk and maximizes business performance;
    • Leading by example, and championing diversity and inclusivity as the baseline of business;
    • Overseeing disruptive change under transformation and/or remote working;
    • Championing a culture of security internally;
    • A known thought leader, representing the sector on current and future state cybersecurity topics.


    These security leaders will have gone above and beyond to help drive business success. The paradox of keeping a business secure while fuelling its growth is the essence of why cybersecurity is a vital function worth celebrating.

    At the start of 2022, many organizations are still being incredibly adaptable. Much like the previous year, they will be implementing business-critical cybersecurity measures after a whirlwind of dissonance—from employees, governments and customers—and disruption—from cyberhackers capitalizing on the discord with coerted, sophisticated attacks. What we saw to be true last year is still true: CEOs need to have their CISOs close in order to protect themselves.

    The Global CISO 100 2022 builds on the success of our 2017 list, which then formed the first ever global CISO 100 list, and the 100 Global CISOs 2020 and 2021. As we have established, it is not just a bellwether campaign highlighting some of the best security individuals and strategies happening in the world today, it is a celebration of one of the rising executives of any successful business.

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