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Podcast: Trust and Risk in the Modern World

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Sasha Qadri, Moderator, Bloomberg Live, moderates this roundtable on trust and risk in the modern world.

The speakers of this roundtable debate include:

  • Todd Dekkinga, CISO, Airgap Networks
  • Mel Reyes, Head of IT and Security, Getaround
  • Przemyslaw Deba, CISO, Orange Poland

These technology executives discuss how the security leader’s role has evolved across the pandemic and how much of that change will remain in the future.

The debate also centered around any changes they have made to their teams, investments, trust and risk profiles as the industry seeks to combat the rise and complexity of cyber-attacks, and what they wish CEOs and/or the Board knew to make your role easier?

Below are some of the key points made throughout the debate:

The role of the security leader

Moderator Sasha Qadri asked the speakers: “How do you think the role of the security leader has changed during the pandemic and how much of that change is here to stay?”

Todd Dekkinga, CISO at Airgap Networks said: “The pandemic was probably the final wakeup-call for a lot of senior leadership”. Here, he referred to the need for investing in security, bodies, software, architecture, vendor review and many other components. Todd added that companies will continue to use that push from the pandemic to further innovation. 

He believes that the IT community has come together to try and solve any new problems related to trust and security as a group.

Recognition of security leaders

Head of IT and Security at Getaround, Mel Reyes, believes that the security function will always be recognized as a core part of businesses. He added that investing in new technology and revisiting the old are also important aspects security leaders need to focus on. Mel agrees with Todd that the “wonderful event of December 2020” was a wakeup-call for vendor management and the Board of Directors. 

Changing the risk profile

Przemyslaw Deba, CISO at Orange Poland, sees the hybrid way of working as difficult to manage and affects the way security is handled. He argued that changes had to be made to accommodate this shift in working. This includes changing the way employees access company resources and installing VPN. 

This podcast was recorded at The Studio.