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Podcast: What is the Industrial 5G Revolution?

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Industrial 5G promises much but what is it already providing early adopters now? Can 5G solutions partner with edge technologies and IOT, and what benefits does that offer? And what questions remain for technology leaders in other industries?

With Bridgid Nzekwu moderating, the speakers of this roundtable include:

  • Gordon Hewitt, International 5G Executive, Verizon
  • Nick Reeks; IT Director, Vendor Management, Tata Steel
  • Mubarik Hussain, Director of IT, Bloom Holdings
  • Andreas Zografos, Chief Information Officer, Vous Hotels and Retreats
  • Richard Newsome, CTO, Sainsbury’s

Industrial 5G and early adopters

Gordon Hewitt, International 5G Executive at Verizon, said “I think we need to understand what we mean by the industrial revolution and where 5G fits into that”. He explained that new 5G technology offers something called the “eight currencies”. This includes ultra-reliable low latency, the deployment rate, the security aspect 5G brings, the vast number of devices it can reach and the data through-put.

Progress and changes in infrastructure

Moderator Bridgid Nzekwu asked the speakers how the pandemic affected infrastructure changes within their organizations.

When the pandemic started, Bloom Holdings’ Director of IT, Mubarik Hussein, stated that the company had just two weeks to move 10,000 students and teachers online. Despite the pandemic increasing the pace of innovation, he believes that being based in the UAE is advantageous in terms of being at the forefront of IT rollouts. “It can only bring benefits to roll out things like 5G technology because we have a lot of smart educational tech deployed in our schools”, said Mubarik.

The implementation of 5G

Looking at the implementation of 5G from a hospitality perspective, Vous Hotels and Retreats’ Chief Information Officer, Andreas Zografos, is somewhat skeptical about its efficiency. He starts off by stating that “the deployment of the technology itself has brought in opportunities”. Andreas talked about a new development in the island of Pemba situated in East Africa. With the development currently in the design implementation phase, he states that the company has a lot of questions. “At the moment there is no concrete evidence of achieving goals and targets around implementation of 5G”, he said.

This podcast was created in partnership with Verizon and filmed at The Studio.