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Podcast: Process Automation: Streamlining Workflows and Systems

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What can technology leaders do to streamline their workflows and systems, and what benefits should you realize? Does that increase the transparency and security of supply chains? And how advanced are automation solutions right now and what should we expect to see next?

With Peter Stojanovic moderating, the speakers of this roundtable include:

  • Prakash Vyas, Senior Director, Global GTM, OutSystems
  • Tony Sweeney, CIO Asset Finance, Close Brothers
  • Mike Sturrock, CIO, Freeman Clarke
  • Nick Rawlings, Head of Transformation, Covea Insurance
  • Lee Gatland, CIO, CAE Technology Services

Methods of streamlining workflows and systems

Freeman Clarke’s CIO Mike Sturrock believes there are two sides to this. 

“One of the key value drivers for what we do for a living is to help all the organizations in which we work to run more efficiently, to move faster to do better for the customer”, he said. Mike argued that the systems now available to us help technology leaders drive this faster. 

Senior Director, Global GTM at OutSystems, Prakash Vyas, stated that IT is now being used as a capability of the business. “Historically, people did process automation or workflow automation very much at an insular level”, he said. Now, there is a much more top-down approach according to Prakash. He believes that the optimization being done needs to be drawn from a business perspective as “businesses become digital training entities”.

Benefits of automation

Building on a point put forward by Prakash, Covea Insurance’s Head of Transformation Nick Rawlings believes that the automation and simplistic process has now become easier and more “democratized”. “Automating decision-making leads to the automation of processes connecting with partners, customers, ecosystems”, he said. This will help technology leaders achieve end-to-end ecosystem level. 

This roundtable debate was created in partnership with OutSystems.