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Podcast: Real Time Modernization of Legacy Applications

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How can organizations find speed by modernizing legacy applications in real time? What qualities should technology leaders seek from their platforms to deliver this? What are businesses seeking under modernization and how can technology leaders prove its value? And what challenges remain?

With Mark Chillingworth moderating, the speakers of this roundtable include:

  • Prakash Vyas, Senior Director, Global GTM, OutSystems
  • Rachel Scully, Manager Geosigns Deployment and Support, Shell
  • Nick Reeks, IT Director, Vendor Management, Tata Steel
  • Gregory Morely, Group CIO, United Living Group Ltd
  • Julie Pierce, Director, Food Standards Agency

Here are some of the key points made during the discussion:

Modernizing legacy applications in real time

Senior Director and Global GTM at OutSystems, Prakash Vyas, stated that rationalizing your IT portfolio and reducing cost are tricky things to do. “What doesn’t really help is that some of the IT used on these platforms perhaps isn’t as aligned to a digital enterprise”, he said. He put forward three ideas that are helping organizations gain that speed. His first point is to employ technology that can be used by anyone in the team. Secondly, having options on how you modernize your software. Lastly, he emphasized that speed is going through a “re-use”.

Rachel Scully agreed with Prakash’s views, adding that: “There has always been a problem with the data standard. It’s never been followed”. 

Technology leader qualities

One of the first things technology leaders should look to demonstrate, according to United Living Group’s Group CIO Gregory Morely, is security. One of the construction programs supervised by Greg has been running for over 17 years. Due to the security landscape always changing and shifting, he prioritizes this as a “key objective”. This includes transferring data with ease and ensuring data integrity for both the organization and their clients. In this case, cost is at the bottom of the list because Greg considers it the “non-negotiable element” in the equation.

This roundtable debate was created in partnership with OutSystems.