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Podcast: Demystifying the Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplace Hybrid workplace

As the sudden shift to working from home settles into our psyche, the hybrid workplace become more vital as business leaders try to understand what the future holds.

Osama Gaweesh, Journalist and Moderator, HotTopics.ht, moderates this session between James Gupwell, CTO, Inigo Insurance; Imraan Manjira, COO, Gray Matter Digital; Elena Corchero, Founder and Emerging Technologies Evangelist; Andy Bellamy, Technology Advisor, RWJ Resources; Lauren-Elise Duthie, CEO, Horizon Seven, on the future normal: the hybrid workplace.

Are you excited for, or more concerned about, the upcoming hybrid working movement? Is the media reporting of its scale accurate; is this a revolution of how we work and live? And what should technology leaders consider now, to maximize the benefits of remote and hybrid working?