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Podcast: The Promise of AI in a Data-Driven World

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The much-touted technology shows promise, especially as more data becomes available for businesses to utilize. But that very freedom poses privacy risks and more.

Jon Bernstein, Technology Editor, moderates a roundtable featuring Andrew Burgess, CEO, Greenhouse Intelligence; Niresh Rajah, MD, Head of Data, Grant Thornton; Velji Naran, Director, Alpha1Point; Jillian Ney, Digital Behavioural Scientist, The Social Intelligence Lab; Julie Pierce, Director, Food Standards Agency, to understand the components behind AI, machine learning and more, in an increasingly data rich industry.

From your own perspectives, what has been achieved with AI thus far? Should we expect to be further along the AI journey than we are now; if so, what’s happened? Has the industry truly realized the term “data-driven”, or are we further behind than we think? And, is there enough focus on the ethics of AI right now?