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Podcast: Leadership in a New Normal

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In a time of international crisis, technology leaders have had to step up and manage more than just their technology ecosystem. Is this a permanent fix?

Osama Gaweesh, Broadcast Journalist and Moderator, HotTopics.ht, asks Simon Lamkin, CTO, Fleetondemand; Matt Ballantine, Head of Technology and Transformation, RHP; Lauren-Elise Duthie, CEO, Horizon Seven; Alan Hill, Public Sector Strategic Solutions, Splunk; Giles Lindsay, Interim CTO, Agile World, all about leadership during a pandemic and its myriad effects.

How has the pandemic redefined leadership and the team leader? What specific challenges have technology leaders faced and how did you handle them? And what advice would you give peers who sought to reinvent themselves at this time? Listen to the roundtable to hear their answers and more.