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  • CIO Trends Series: Leadership, Innovation and the Future of Business

    Series Summary


    Watch 3 roundtables and its technology leaders debate the state of their industries in 2021 and how they and their companies are adapting to external forces unseen in a century.

    Across a complex and ever-evolving technology industry, amid an ongoing pandemic, digital disruption and socio-political upheavals, three elements of the future of business need qualifying: the state and future of the CIO, the state and future of sector partnerships and the lessons learned in digitalization from one decade to another.

    CIO Trends, Future of Partnerships and Building Digital Advantage, all filmed at The Studio @ Home: Technology Leaders, feature leading CIOs and CTOs, from around the world, sharing their insights on these business-critical topics and their foresight on how that is shaping things to come.

    In partnership with Equinix.