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Podcast: Pursuing Talent in a Global Workforce

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Pursuing talent in a global workforce was always a consideration for the global business, but the realities of a global pandemic shifted priorities. Remote working benefited some functions over others; technology and innovation teams were some of the first to realize the increases in productivity by having a quieter working envioronment yet failed to account for the lack of spontaneous collaboration present within the office building. Now, talent have found they can work from anywhere for a business based anywhere, and it’s raised fresh questions for the C-Suite on how that talent should be pursued and protected.

Sasha Qadri, Moderator, Bloomberg Live, encourages Helene Dalmar, IT Lead, Cisco; Paul Coby, CIO, Johnson Matthey; Juan Villamil; CIO, Imperial College; David Cadenhead, recent CIO, CityJet, to consider the relative benefits of the future of talent. In partnership with Cisco.