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Gamechangers: How B2B marketers can harness the power of their best teams

Gamechangers Play

B2B marketing leaders discuss the individuals in their teams that drive innovation, change and pace, and how they can be nurtured for even greater things.

Join Rachel Fairley, Oracle’s Head of Global HCM Campaigns, as she moderates a roundtable featuring Chief Marketing Officers Lucy Murphy, Mehul Kapadia, Christoph Woermann, and Katrina Lowes, from Freshfields-BR, Tata Communications at the time of filming, Deutsche Bank and Vodafone Business, respectively.

Together the group disseminate who an organizational gamechanger is, what their needs are, their value for the business and the best ways to manage them as leaders. They are pivotal to the success of an organization, but if their needs are not met they can often have the inverse effect. Now is the time to understand them and help them grow alongside your business.

Filmed at The Studio 2019, partnered with Oracle.