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‘Back to the future’ roundtable: How to market marketing to the wider business

As Sarah Speake notes in debate three of this roundtable, marketers face many challenges, not least including the selling of something closer to home: themselves.

Sarah Speake, founder, SpeakeUp Consulting, and contributing editor at HotTopics.ht, chairs episode eight of HotTopics.ht’s unicorn CMO roundtables: “Back to the Future”.

Mark Green, EMEA VP marketing, Rackspace; Shallu Behar-Sheehan, chief marketing officer, StarLeaf; Catherine Flynn, global director of marketing, Workplace by Facebook; Louise Fisk, communications and marketing director, BAE Systems; and Scott Allen, chief marketing officer, Microsoft UK join Sarah Speake as she dives into some of the most important questions facing marketers today.