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‘Back to the future’ roundtable: how marketers should prepare for their function’s next evolution

The marketing function has evolved alongside the technology that dominates its strategies, but are there pre-digital tools that can help today's marketers, asks Sarah Speake?

Sarah Speake, founder, SpeakeUp Consulting and contributing editor, HotTopics.ht, chairs episode eight of HotTopics.ht’s unicorn CMO roundtables: “Back to the Future”.

Mark Green, EMEA VP marketing, Rackspace; Shallu Behar-Sheehan, chief marketing officer, StarLeaf; Catherine Flynn, global director of marketing, Workplace by Facebook; Louise Fisk, communications and marketing director, BAE Systems; and Scott Allen, chief marketing officer, Microsoft UK join Sarah Speake as she dives into some of the most important questions facing marketers today.