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‘There’s Something About Data’ GDPR series highlights

Hot Topics invited eight senior business leaders, from HSBC, Fujitsu, Lloyds Banking Group and more, to reveal their insights on GDPR. Discover the series highlights, here.

The GDPR is one of the important and widespread international regulations to hit the industry in years, making compliancy in customer data handling a business imperative. Despite the urgency, many organizations remain unsure of its efficacy.

To discover more about its effects and opportunities, our ‘There’s Something About Data’ GDPR series sat down with eight business leaders, in a range of board-level roles and industries, to glean the most important aspects of the regulation.

These included:

Roberto Maranca, former chief data officer, Lloyds Banking Group;

Julie Woods-Moss, chief marketing and innovation officer, Tata Communications;

Philippe Barbe, global head of marketing global banking and markets, HSBC;

Elizabeth Chambers, experienced FS chief marketing officer and board member;

Monika Schulze, head of customer and digital experience, Zurich Insurance;

Simon Mouyal, chief marketing officer, Medidata;

Ian Hunter, VP head of EMEA marketing, Fujitsu;

and Nicki Dexter, SVP people and communications, Schibsted Media Group.

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