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How Amer Sports EVP Connected Devices is capitalizing on early IoT investment

It's rare for an international brand to be so adaptive to emerging technology. Yet Amer Sports' Heikki Norta says early investment in IoT paying dividends.

The international sporting goods company, Amer Sports, owner of well-established brands such as Salomon, Wilson Sporting Goods and Arc’teryx, was not always an athleisure brand. Established in 1950 as an industrial conglomerate, its interests were diverse: tobacco trading, ship owning and publishing, to name a few. Amer adapted, however, to changing market winds and gradually evolved into the firm it is today. It is that mindset the Finnish headquartered business is adopting again – but this time, for IoT.

Hot Topics sits with its EVP, Connected Devices and Digital Services, Heikki Norta. Here, Norta considers how Amer Sports firstly approaches an emerging technology like IoT, testing its appropriateness within the organization, and then adapts – at pace – where necessary.

This interview is part of Hot Topics’ The IoT Opportunity series, powered by ForgeRock.