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The 100 most influential B2B tech marketers in Europe

Most of the recognition around successful marketers is on the leaders within consumer facing brands. Our B2B marketing leader series aims to change that in 2016.

HT100 B2B Marketing

If you look at most lists of senior marketing leaders, including our own, the majority of the nominees or inclusions will be the individuals running the marketing function of the biggest consumer brands globally.

That skew means that B2B marketing leaders don’t get the recognition their work warrants.

Often existing within highly competitive landscapes and with limited budgets, B2B marketing leaders are forced to operate within more contained environments than their consumer counterparts.

B2B marketers are attempting to influence a far smaller group of people than in B2C and it is often difficult to understand where those people exist online, particularly when targeting C-level audiences.

That is just one of the challenges facing B2B marketers in 2016, which also include how to market to a mobile first audience, creating differentiated content marketing strategies, humanizing marketing messages and bridging the utilization gap around big data.

In an attempt to shed some light on the B2B marketing leaders who are trailblazing within the tech industry, Hot Topics will be running a global series, throughout 2016, focused on those very individuals.

The spotlight for the first part of the series is on Europe, and to discover the 100 most influential B2B tech marketers in the region, we asked our community of senior business leaders to nominate the individuals who have:

– been trailblazers in the use of new technologies to drive innovation within the marketing function

– contributed to significant business growth during their tenure

– shown exceptional leadership capabilities.

The range and number of nominations we have received over the last 2 months has been broad.

The final 100 includes the CMOs of early stage, VC backed startups, alongside the regional marketing directors of multi-national corporations.

Both ends of the spectrum will face unique marketing challenges but they are brought together on this list due to their innovative approach to their role and the influence they hold within their own organization and the wider industry.

This list will be followed with the top 100 B2B marketing leaders in the US tech industry, alongside a steady flow of thought leadership from the individuals on both lists throughout 2016.

To see all 100 European B2B tech marketing leaders, view the infographic above.