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The 50 most influential financial services marketers in North America and Europe

financial services marketing financial services marketing
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Timothy Neesam 

These 50 marketers are readying their financial services brands for today's consumer, adopting key trends in personalization, mobile marketing and protection in the process.


The financial services industry has a reputation for being cumbersome, highly regulated and slow to adapt to digital evolution.

That stereotype makes the pace at which innovation is taking place within a selection of financial services organizations even more remarkable.

Banks, credit unions, brokerages, insurers and credit card issuers alike have all had to respond and adapt to changing consumer and business habits; continuing digital maturity has forced every industry to recenter themselves in an environment where the customer dictates the future.

That future is taking on many forms: trust and advocacy, regulation compliance, personalized experiences and targeted content are essential assets for players who want to continue competing.

There are critical challenges that legacy companies in the financial sector have to think creatively on in order to succeed.

This has engaged financial services marketers across the world, particularly within North America and Europe, where the public keenly advocates a mature but simple relationship with their respective financial services brands.

And to achieve competitive differentiation, banks and marketers are setting a clear digital strategy to overcome these obstacles and position their trajectories.

These strategies from the 50 most influential financial services marketers in North America and Europe have to encompass modern issues such as regulation and policy control, risk mitigation and online security measures to enforce a strict code of conduct and ensure customer loyalty and trust.

Financial services marketers must also transform the way the industry approaches the customer experience.

As new, agile financial technology companies consistently emerge with sleeker, smarter and more accessible platforms, competition has benefited customers as more brands engage with digital services to improve their standing.

They have recognized that there are many opportunities today to connect with their customers.

Online, digital and mobile channels have opened up a plethora of mediums on which to engage new and existing customers, whilst also building trust, opening new revenue streams, reducing operational costs and even mitigating against fraud.

With these key digital marketing trends in mind, these 50 financial services marketers are continually rolling out the relevant technologies to create deeper, more interactive and real-world engagement with consumers.