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Why Monitise is engaging a new SaaS strategy

Monitise wants to improve client engagement whilst lowering costs, so Alistair Crane, CSO, has kick-started a SaaS strategy which is so simple, even his Mum will understand.

At the beginning of Fall, Monitise published its strategy report detailing its transition to the cloud and its new SaaS platform model.

The group provides specialised technology and associated services that helps clients, mainly financial institutions, deliver innovative digital experiences to their customers.

The new platform is at the core of its SaaS strategy. The SaaS are provided as ready-made products as well as a ‘build your own’ (Platform as a service/PaaS) capability.

What are the virtues of that, though? Alistair Crane, chief strategy officer, explains – but not before detailing how you know an idea can pass muster or not.

“I’ll put [SaaS modelling] simply for you, because you always have to practice your elevator pitch – making sure family and friends can understand the technology and like the product is important.”

It’s true, one famous example is entrepreneur and founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson, who performs the “Mum test” for every idea he has.

“The family test get’s something across succinctly, in plain English, and if someone outside the industry can understand what you’re doing then you’re onto a winner.”

That said, SaaS is still relatively little understood outside of its market.

“Put simply, our SaaS strategy dramatically decreases the time it takes to get you going with a client and moves the project quicker, which has a direct, positive effect on reduction in costs for clients.”

Today, processes are getting faster and companies realise the value of efficiency.

Monitise launched its cloud platform and SaaS strategy in April 2015 on IBM’s Bluemix scalable infrastructure that is complemented by an on-premise platform supporting businesses that want to leverage their products behind a firewall.

“We can now do a lot more with the technology faster, requiring less financial investment and driving more returns for our clients and partners.”

The digital agency is based in London, Istanbul and San Francisco.