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As the people running formal entrepreneurship education globally, here are the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship cultivating the leaders of tomorrow.

HT100 Professors_2

The global economy faces a number of economic and social challenges.

Widening income differentials, ¾ of a billion people lacking basic literacy skills, and widespread political unrest have all become part of the world’s makeup.

And whereas the power to promote change used to rest in the hands of the few, the entrepreneurship revolution has meant individuals are able to contribute to the direction of the world in an unprecedented way.

The enabler of this has been technology, joining forces with entrepreneurship to help break down barriers previously thought impossible, creating history in the process.

But as Peter Thiel points out, these world-defining moments can only happen once.

That means the next Mark Zuckerberg will not start a social network.

The next Larry Page will not create a search engine.

The next Bill Gates will not create an operating system.

It paints a picture of the task faced by the world’s professors of entrepreneurship, because success isn’t gauged by replication, but instead, innovation.

And those cultivating and educating the future world changers are profoundly aware of this fact. There’s no unique formula to entrepreneurship.

It makes being featured on the 100 top professors of entrepreneurship list all the more impressive.

These inspiring academics have been nominated by the tech executives, entrepreneurs and investors making up the Hot Topics community, and had to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have worked within a Tier 1 university or business school
  • Have helped shape the direction of formal entrepreneurship learning globally
  • Have had articles of significant impact around the subject of entrepreneurship published in academic journals

The goal of entrepreneurial study is to create world-changing companies. Something in no short supply on this list, unicorns have been created under the tutelage of some of these 100 top professors of entrepreneurship.

And those featured have unquestionably contributed to the entrepreneurial revolution, teaching entrepreneurship formally to those changing the world.

To see the full 100 top professors of entrepreneurship list, see the above infographic.