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Which 10 tech verticals have received the most capital in 2015?

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These tech verticals are already attracting major investment and early figures report a trajectory that will surpass even 2014's impressive figures.

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Last year venture capitalists invested $48.3 billion in 4,356 tech deals in 2014.

It was another positive year: the figures represented a 61% increase in dollars and a 4% increase in deals compared to the previous year.

The question of whether 2015 can be able to continue this trend may be answered by this top 10 tech verticals by capital investment list.

These verticals are good indicators of emerging trends in certain markets and how investors are responding to the way new tech innovation influences aged industries.

At the end of Q1, 2015, a total of $21 billion was invested in tech companies – close to half the total figure for the previous year already.

Over 50% of that figure originated from North America which has so far invested over $12 billion in tech verticals this year, around 6 times more than Europe.

10 tech verticals by capital invested

Once again, Software as a Service, SaaS, dominated the tech verticals for investments receiving over $11 billion worth of capital.

Last year, software took $19.8 billion over 1,799 deals – a 10% rise on 2013 – and remained top of the sectors come the end of 2014.

This year looks to be a similar year as the investor appetite for software continues unabated, with only the mobile industry close to the same level of funding.

Software has held the number 1 spot in terms of dollars invested for 21 straight quarters.

Some of the more surprising members of the top 10 verticals by capital investment represent the sciences however.

Life sciences takes 4th spot, receiving over $3 billion of investment earlier this year, which represents a very strong start.

Life sciences contains both biotechnology and medical devices, both of which have helped this sector become a global powerhouse as tech has revolutionized the health industry.

This can be seen by the presence of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) & Wellness, the incredibly niche market of Oncology, followed by HealthTech.

Within this 10 tech verticals by capital list, the sciences promise to be one of the most interesting trend to follow in 2015, as 2014 figures were up in terms of capital raised, but down in actual numbers of deals compared to the previous year.