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What qualities do all entrepreneurs have?

Hot Topics speaks to CEO of Cornerstone, Oliver Bridge, about the Entrepreneurial qualities that make for a successful business leader.

Entrepreneurs are a varied bunch. From the outgoing leaders that spend their time kitesurfing in Silicon Valley, to the introverts who coop themselves up in a makeshift office coding their new software, there’s a spectrum of personalities that can successfully run a business.

But are there any entrepreneurial qualities that link them all together?

Hot Topics puts that question to Oliver Bridge, serial entrepreneur and now CEO and founder of Cornerstone, a subscription service that allows users to conveniently obtain high quality shaving equipment with minimal effort.

Despite only being in his 20s, Bridge has been an entrepreneur himself for more than a decade, as well as working for investment firms where he gained a wealth of experience.

Despite “never consciously” wanting to be an entrepreneur, Bridge has already been a part of a number of startup ventures, including founding Biggerfeet.com when he was just 15, and GenderChecker, a handy website which still allows users to the check the gender of most of the worlds names.

“I think the things I’ve noticed is that entrepreneurs can simultaneously be very strategic, and then very micro,” says Bridge.

“They have a big, bold vision for a business they want to create or a sector that they want to change, or something they want to achieve, but then they have an absolute minute attention to detail and focus on the details.”

These skills are even more applicable in a startup where vision for the young company is all-important.

The younger the business, the more skills the founder needs to have to handle the plethora of demands thrust upon them.

Being multi-faceted this way is a challenge says Bridge:

“Being able to switch between those two is mentally really demanding. The really impressive entrepreneurs that I’ve been around seem to have that. That’s something I’m having to train myself to be good at as well.”

To hear more from Oliver Bridge about entrepreneurial qualities watch the video above.