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The 100 most innovative CMOs in the world

The role of the CMO continues to take on increased importance within organizations the world over. So who are the 100 most innovative CMOs in the world? Our community speaks...


Throughout June, Hot Topics will be profiling and publishing thought leadership from the top CMOs in the world.

But who can lay a claim to be part of such an illustrious group?

To find out, we asked our community of entrepreneurs, investors and corporate executives to provide nominations of CMOs who have changed the game within their specific industry.

Innovation had to be at the heart of everything they stand for.

The criteria they had to consider when making their decision, was whether the CMO had:

– Embraced technology at the heart of their marketing strategy

– Been trailblazers in the use of new technologies

– Made a significant impact on their company during their tenure

We have now collated the information, and narrowed down the votes to create the definitive list of the top CMOs in the world. And there are 100 of them.

From the CMOs of global corporates like Walmart, GE and KPMG, to the chief marketeers within disruptive businesses including Netflix, Facebook and Airbnb, the time is right to identify this group.

The last decade has seen the CMO role undergo a huge shift, along with an expansion of responsibility. That trend only continues to gather pace.

As new technologies and big data infiltrate the marketing strategy of more and more global corporates, this group of executives hold the purse strings to some of the biggest budgets globally.

How the CMO collaborates with technologists, both within their own business and externally is beginning to define the success of their role.

They live and die by their buying decisions, which creates huge opportunity for vendors the world over.

To see the full list of the 100 top CMOs in the world, view the infographic above.

The first contributed article from this group of the top CMOs in the world is now live on Hot Topics, here.