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ThoughtWorks President: The most important advice new entrepreneurs should consider

We interviewed Chris Murphy, President of ThoughtWorks to obtain his advice for new entrepeneurs in the tech, IT and software space.

Thoughtworks wants to revolutionize the way their clients view their own software and its relationship with their aims and so we asked them for some tech consultancy advice.

A bold ambition.

Hot Topics met President and Chief Strategy Officer Chris Murphy to find out more.

Murphy has been with ThoughtWorks for over a decade and has been European Head of Operations, Managing Director of Asia/Australasia and now President of the now global consultancy firm that operates in over 14 countries.

Prior to his consultancy role he was a Commercial, Tech and Intellectual Property Lawyer – so he has the right credentials for us to ask him what tech consultancy advice he thinks someone needs to get their business up and running.

We met him at the Thoughtworks offices in Soho, London.

Hot Topics: In your experience, what has been the most useful thing someone should know before setting up a company and attacking the markets?

Chris Murphy: In my experience there are two aspects to that.

The most successful companies stay very connected to their customers, they understand the market and they have a proposition they can test against a well-defined mission.

Secondly they should appreciate how the use of technology should enable their mission statement.

The one thing that holds a lot of organizations back is this belief that their technology needs to be big, complex and sophisticated.

We take that right back and try and understand what our clients are looking to enable.

We then try and find the easiest, simplest, most flexible and open way to facilitate this. And then we test those ideas so they can be the most agile, flexible and nimble company they can be and that’s what we do and that’s what we seek to promote.


To listen to more tech consultancy advice, watch the clip from the video interview with Chris Murphy above.