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The 100 Most Impactful B2B Marketing Leaders in Europe 2019

European marketing leaders European marketing leaders
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HotTopics.ht set out to define, uncover and celebrate the top 100 B2B European marketing leaders today, as voted by our community and curated by our marketing heavyweight judges.

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    HotTopics.ht set out to define, uncover and celebrate the 100 most impactful B2B marketing leaders in Europe in 2019, and we are proud to finally release these individuals to our community and wider audience.

    Historically, B2B marketing leaders have received limited recognition for their efforts compared to their consumer peers, and HotTopics.ht wanted to address this imbalance by showcasing the innovation and hard work within this function.

    That’s because B2B marketers are also carving for themselves a powerful position.

    They are nurturing vital relationships with clients and suppliers, and building productive partnerships for the benefit of the wider business. That generates an amount of influence allowing the B2B CMO to act as an increasingly important member of the executive team, core to the development of the business. And where influence grows, so does expectation.

    The heat is on for B2B marketers to deliver on the promises of the data insights, emerging technologies and innovative strategies they are employing. These 100 B2B marketing leaders, however, have proven they are more than ready to meet those expectations head-on.

    Our community nominated many individuals and the final 100 was curated by our judges, global marketing leaders in their own rights. They included:

    John Rudaizky, Global Brand & Marketing, EY; Peter Thomas, European Marketing Director, Accenture; Suzi Williams, NED, The AA & former BT CMO; Julie Woods-Moss, NED, Grosvenor Group & former Tata Communications CMO; Chris Clark, NED, Aviva & former HSBC CMO; and Sarah Speake, Founder, Speake Up Consulting and former Global CMO of Truphone.

    To curate the top 100 from the many nominations, our judges collected those individuals who have/are:

    • Shown an ability to demonstrate the impact of the marketing function’s work to the wider business
    • Been trailblazers in the use of new technologies to drive innovation within the marketing function
    • Been an ambassador for the B2B marketing community inside and outside of their own organization
    • Built productive commercial partnerships and collaborations with customers and suppliers
    • Evidenced fresh thinking in product and service development for bottom line growth
    • Harnessed data and insight for business growth and marketing performance
    • Worked collaboratively with other C-level execs to achieve wider business goals
    • Currently leading a team within a B2B marketing organization
    • Been the driving force behind bold new creative campaigns and communication initiatives
    • Contributed to significant business growth during their tenure

    HotTopics.ht will soon be publishing an editorial series featuring these B2B marketing leaders and their stories and insights.

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