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The Global CX 100 Awards

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Welcome to the First-Ever HotTopics’ Global CX 100 Awards. An integral new addition to the HotTopics' Global C-Suite Awards. The Global CX 100 Awards, in collaboration with 8x8, underscore the pivotal role of customer experience leaders (CX) in fortifying their organisations' competitive edge, orchestrating transformational strategies, and advancing sustainability. We are poised to commend the vanguard of customer experience leaders taking the charge in implementing forward-thinking business models and innovative operational practices. These accolades celebrate the strategic acumen, visionary leadership, and accomplishments of CX leaders adept at navigating the intricacies of market demands with technological adaptability, ensuring their enterprises' robust market position while championing eco-conscious business methodologies.


How the CX 100 Awards Define the Future

The CX 100 Awards will establish a gold standard for leadership across the C-suite spectrum. Nominated by our extensive, globally dispersed community and selected by an independent panel of judges in the technology sector, the recipients stand as beacons of leadership acumen, strategic innovation, and operational foresight. To be recognised among the upper echelon of customer experience leaders is to underscore dedication to propelling organisational excellence and architecting the blueprints for the future of business strategy and digital transformation.


RecogniSing Excellence in Customer Experience Leadership

As a cornerstone of HotTopics' C-Suite Awards, the CX 100 represents a congregation dedicated to commemorating the visionary spirit and strategic prowess of customer experience leaders revolutionising the global business ecosystem. This initiative places a deserved focus on individuals leading the charge in the realms of digital innovation and customer-centric strategies. 2024 Global CX 100 Awards


Nominations Now Open

Nominations are open for the 2024 Global CX 100 Awards, in partnership with 8x8.

Nominations close on July 31, 2024.

Global C-suite Award Series

2024 Award Dates for your Diary

Key Dates for your diary:

Winners Announced:

  • 6th May 2024: Global CISO 100
  • 13th May 2024: Global B2B CMO and
  • 15th May 2024: Global B2B CMO and
  • 5th June 2024: Global CDataO 100, Future CIO 100
  • 8th July 2024: Global CIO 100
  • Date to announce soon: Global CX 100, Global CFO 100, Global CDigitalO 100, Future CISO 100

Award Ceremonies: Held at The Studio Event Series

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Jan - May

Leadership Gradient

Marketing C-suite
Award Ceremony

Abbey Road Studios,
May 2024

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The Global C-suite
Award Ceremony

The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville
October 2024

Innovation Gradient

European C-suite
Award Ceremony

December 2024

B2B CMO 100 Awards

2024 Global CX 100 Awards

Nominate a Visionary Leader

Submit your nomination for the 2024 Global CXO100 Awards, in partnership with 8x8. Recognise a CX who is making a transformative impact by nominating them today.

Learn from Peers

Sacha Herrmann

A great CFO combines strategic vision with operational expertise, driving sustainable growth and financial innovation.

Sacha Herrmann

Chief Financial Officer, Soldo

Huimin Chen

A distinguished CFO excels in strategic foresight, operational excellence, and innovative financial leadership, paving the way for sustainable business success.

Huimin Chen

CFO - Europe Commercial, Illumina



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