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The 100 most innovative CMOs in the world in 2016

100 most influential CMOs 100 most influential CMOs
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The CMO’s role has continued to expand beyond just marketing. Now one of the important positions in the boardroom, here are the 100 most innovative in association with Thunderhead.

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    Few roles have seen more change than that of the Chief Marketing Officer.

    Once solely responsible for advertising and brand, this narrow definition has vastly expanded to include complex responsibilities encompassing technology, analytics, growth and most importantly: quantifiable impact. Because ultimately, every CMO has a mandate to drive growth and help businesses thrive.

    This can be as simple as growth in revenue, and as complex as breaking down silos to consolidate international marketing departments into one. Though one thing is sure; digital, and the proliferation of information are critical contributors to this change. Both having lent a hand in disintermediating the marketing ecosystem, reducing competitive advantage and broadening the remit of the CMO.

    And whilst many talented marketers tick all of these boxes to craft the brands we interact with every day, a select few rise above the rest.

    These individuals make up this year’s 100 most influential CMOs, as nominated by the Hot Topics community.

    Through a combination of astonishing vision and best in-class leadership skills, these 100 most influential CMOs build cultures that enable great people to do even greater work.

    As one of this years judges, Andrew Kasprzycki, EVP and MD of Publicis Groupe said:

    “The best CMOs realize they set a culture to drive successful outcomes for consumers and their brands.”

    The remainder of our judging panel was formed by: Andrew Brent, Founding Partner of Bloom Group Consulting, Mary Clark, Syniverse CMO, Simon Sproule, Aston Martin CMO, and the Editor-In-Chief of Digiday, Brian Morrisey.

    They were asked to curate the list of 100 most influential CMOs based on individuals who met some, or all of the following criteria:

    – Proven track record in contributing to sustained business growth

    – Strengthened global brand awareness through innovative campaigns

    – Integrated data/ technology at the core of their function

    – Implemented innovative customer retention/ growth strategies

    – Renowned inspirational leaders within their field
    Thank you all for being so generous with your time.