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Global CISO Awards
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Global CFO 100 Awards 2024

The CFO 100 Awards will set the benchmark for excellence in financial leadership

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The Global CFO 100 Awards

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Recognise Outstanding Chief Financial Officers 

Welcome to first-ever HotTopics’ Global CFO 100 Awards, an integral new addition to the HotTopics' Global C-Suite Awards.
HotTopics, in partnership with soldo, is excited to host the Global CFO 100 Awards 2024. This award honours Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who are driving transformative financial strategies and innovative business practices, shaping the future of finance.


The Vital Role of CFOs 

The role of a CFO is more critical than ever. Tasked with optimising costs while driving business growth, CFOs play a vital role in building financial stability and strategic foresight within businesses. Amidst evolving challenges like digital transformation, regulatory changes, and ESG initiatives, the role of the CFO has gained unprecedented importance from the boardroom down.


Why Nominate Yourself or a Peer for Global CFO 100? 

  • Recognise Leaders: Acknowledge CFOs who are making significant contributions to financial strategy and business innovation.
  • Showcase Achievements: Highlight innovative financial strategies and solutions implemented by top CFOs.
  • Promote Excellence: Encourage continued excellence in financial leadership.
  • Drive Recruitment and Internal Champions: Previous HotTopics award-winners say our Global C-suite. Award has helped to improve talent attraction and retention, and to win internal champions within the business.

Nominations are now open:

Nominate a CFO who is making a difference and deserves global recognition. Let's celebrate the exceptional talents shaping the financial landscape.

 Nominations close: 30th August 2024


Global CFO 100 Judges

Sacha Herrmann

Sacha Herrmann

Chief Financial Officer, Soldo

Helen Ashton

Helen Ashton

Non Executive Director & Audit Chair , JD Sports Fashion

Huiming Chen

Huiming Chen

CFO - Europe Commercial, Illumina

Clive MacTavish

Clive MacTavish

Chief Financial Officer, British Red Cross

Recognise an Outstanding Chief Financial Officer Now

 Nominations close: 31st July 2024

The Global CFO 100 Awards

in partnership with 

Nomination Criteria

We're looking for CFOs who demonstrate:

  • Data Literate: Utilises data-driven insights to drive strategic financial initiatives and optimise performance.
  • Digital Innovator: Leads the implementation of cutting-edge digital technologies to streamline financial processes and drive innovation.
  • ESG and Social Purpose: Integrates ESG principles into financial strategies, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.
  • C-suite Collaborator: Exhibits strong leadership skills and collaborates effectively with other C-suite executives and stakeholders.
  • Beyond Cost: Financial Strategy: Develops innovative financial strategies focusing on value creation, revenue growth, and long-term sustainability.
  • Regulation: Maintains a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and compliance standards, ensuring adherence while driving financial performance.
  • Team Building: Fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning within the finance team.

Global C-suite Award Series

2024 Award Dates for your Diary

Key Dates for your diary:

Winners Announced:

  • 6th May 2024: Global CISO 100
  • 13th May 2024: Global B2B CMO
  • 15th May 2024: Future B2B CMO
  • 5th June 2024: Global CDataO 100, Future CIO 100
  • Date to announce soon: Global CIO 100, Global CFO 100, Global CX Leaders 100, Global CDigitalO 100, Future CISO 100

Award Ceremonies: Held at The Studio Event Series

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C-suite Awards Nominations open

Nominations and
Judges Selection
Jan - May

Leadership Gradient

Marketing C-suite
Award Ceremony

Abbey Road Studios,
May 2024

movers and shakers Gradient

The Global C-suite
Award Ceremony

The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville
October 2024

Innovation Gradient

European C-suite
Award Ceremony

December 2024


C-suite Awards FAQs

What criteria is used to evaluate nominees in each category?
You can find the criteria for each award on the award category's landing page. Typically, across each award, we are looking to identify leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, cross-functional collaboration, and business impact.
Can individuals self-nominate, or must they be nominated by someone else?
We actively encourage individuals to self-nominate or nominate their peers. While we appreciate that third-party nominations may sometimes lack the same detail as first-person applications, we believe that this approach is pivotal to celebrating individuals who may not otherwise come forward, particularly those in minority groups.
Are there specific categories or sectors that the C-Suite Awards cover, or is it open to all industries?
The HotTopics C-Suite Awards is open to all industries and company sizes.
How will the winners be recognised, and what prizes or benefits come with receiving a C-Suite Award?
 Winners are invited to attend the C-Suite Awards in-person or virtually at The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennesee, and at Abbey Road Studios in London. During each awards ceremony, winners can take part in live panel debates, short 'spotlight' stories to the audience and collect their award from the HotTopics team.
Furthermore, winners receive social media graphics that they can share with their online networks, and they are invited to attend post-event, educational masterclass sessions with industry thought leaders.

How can nominees showcase their achievements during the selection process?

We actively encourage individuals to provide us with as much detail as possible during the nomination process. Not only does this help our judges in evaluating each entry, but it often results in a greater chance the nominee makes their respective awards 100 list.
Once you have submitted the online form, you'll receive an email with some additional questions to complete. This is your chance to make your achievements (or those of a peer or colleague) stand out from the crowd.
Do I need to pay to enter the C-Suite Awards?
There is no fee to enter any of our awards. At HotTopics, we pride ourselves on the trust our community puts in us, and the credibility we have built in The Studio, the C-Suite Awards, and our editorial content.
I am unable to attend the C-Suite Awards ceremony. Can I still accept it?
Yes. The C-Suite Awards is a 12-month series of initiatives so there will be plenty of opportunities to pick up your award at another of our events.
Should this not be possible, we can also post your award to your home or office address - but please note this will come at personal expense.
Can I find out who voted for me?
You are welcome to ask the HotTopics team the question. Please note, however, third-party nominees rarely leave a name, or a reason for their nomination.
Can I vote for more than one person?