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2020 Global CISO 100: Meet Your Security Heroes

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Security leaders are a key part of the industry's vanguards, protecting their businesses to allow them to grow and innovate, securely. Meet 100 of these exceptional leaders now.

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    HotTopics.ht and Forcepoint are delighted to announce the Global CISO 100 list for 2020.

    The list’s aim is to discover and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are protecting businesses, their teams and resources, while also directly driving growth.

    Thank you to our judging panel: Anoop Chopra, Global CISO, Bupa, Karissa Breen, CEO, KBI, Carlos Travagini, CISO, FIEMG, and George Eapen, CISO, Petrofac.

    These CISOs, or heads of security equivalent, have gone above and beyond to help drive business success. The paradox of keeping a business secure while fuelling its growth is the essence of why cybersecurity is a vital function worth celebrating, but in particular, we looked for individuals who are:

    1. Implementing radical change under a digital transformation or as society pivots to remote working;
    2. Building a security strategy that mitigates risk and maximizes business performance;
    3. Championing of educational programs and/or technological change internally, from Board to base;
    4. Representing their companies on current and future state cybersecurity topics.

    Congratulations to all 100 CISOs who represent the very essence of business ingenuity, leadership and innovation.